TLTC Ecosystem Services

A set of infographics and accompanying report were produced by Siglo Group in partnership with the Texas Land Trust Council (TLTC). The analysis and resulting products quantified the monetary value of lands and conservation easements that have been conserved by or with assistance from the Texas land trust community. The study found that more than 1.6 Million acres of these lands are estimated to provide more than $1 billion in benefits to Texas taxpayers each year.

The report explains how the lands conserved by land trusts in Texas provide enormous natural and economic benefits to Texas for flood mitigation, water resource protection, agricultural production, and wildlife habitat. The full report details the background, data, metrics, analysis and conclusions, while the infographic provides a visual summary of the results. The report and infographic have been successfully used by TLTC to leverage funds for conservation in Texas since the release in early 2019.