Emerald Ribbon Action Plan

The Emerald Ribbon encompasses a vital 10-mile stretch along the Jordan River corridor, nestled within the urban landscape of Salt Lake City. It serves as the lifeline for both the Westside neighborhoods and the ecological communities of the Salt Lake Valley. Despite its significance, the river and surrounding neighborhoods have faced historical neglect, leading to habitat degradation that poses a threat to the Emerald Ribbon’s ecological integrity. Moreover, these communities grapple with heightened social vulnerability, highlighting the interconnectedness of human well-being and environmental health in this region.

The Emerald Ribbon Action Plan presents a distinctive opportunity to rectify past neglect, revitalize the corridor, and cater to the needs of both the community and the environment. Rooted in the principles of Nature, Culture, and Care, this plan explores avenues where ecological restoration intersects with enhancing human quality of life. Extensive engagement with residents and stakeholders has revealed common priorities, such as restoring degraded ecosystems, enhancing connectivity, fostering community-driven initiatives, ensuring safety and cleanliness, and promoting meaningful interactions between people and nature. By integrating community insights with comprehensive research on the area’s ecological and cultural context, as well as its infrastructure and management capabilities, there exists a promising prospect to redefine the future trajectory of the corridor for future generations.

Siglo Group in collaboration with project lead Agency Landscape + Planning, University Neighborhood Partners and Salt Lake City Public Lands is working on the Emerald Ribbon Action Plan, a long-term vision for the Jordan River within Salt Lake City limits. Siglo Group is leading the ecological components of the Plan, providing insights on ecological design and guidelines for maintenance and operations. The Emerald Ribbon Action Plan will serve as a blueprint to guide future investments along the river, aligning closely with the aspirations and necessities of the local community. This project is ongoing and is scheduled for completion in September 2024.