What We Do

We work with our clients, collaborators, and local communities to conserve and enhance incredible places, heal damaged ecosystems, and restore sites to create beautiful natural areas for everyone to enjoy.

Our comprehensive services harness the power of ecology to address people’s innate need to connect with nature. With a deep-rooted passion for the environment, we utilize our expertise in conservation planning, ecological landscape design, ecological restoration, cartography services, regional research and analysis, and land management planning to create a harmonious balance between human needs and the natural world. Our core values are to instill a sense of place, drive stewardship, enhance ecosystem services, and address climate change through analysis, planning, design, and implementation of healthy and resilient landscapes.

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  1. Conservation Planning
  2. Regional Planning
  3. GIS Analysis
  4. Environmental Site Assessments
  5. Ecological Planning and Design

Our dedicated team of GIS specialists, conservation planners, ecologists, and ecological designers understands the urgency of conserving and restoring landscapes to help mitigate land-use change, climate change, and other threats to the natural environment. We help clients integrate ecology into actionable land use decisions, including design, policy, and the sustainable management of our shared resources. We offer land planning services and ecological restoration services from city parks to multi-county scales. Our ecological services aim to create sustainable and environmentally friendly natural spaces that seamlessly integrate with surrounding ecosystems. Our regional plans, including conservation plans and watershed plans, harness the power of GIS and guide the conservation of species, water resources, and ecosystem services over vast landscapes.

We consult and provide ecological services for landscape architecture projects, city planning, and conservation plans. We conduct comprehensive land assessments to identify potential threats and opportunities for ecological improvement. With a keen focus on long-term viability, we develop management plans that align with sustainable practices, conserve natural resources, advocate for climate mitigation strategies, and promote biodiversity while maintaining the economic and social goals of our clients. We take pride in our strong foundation in regional research and analysis. We stay up-to-date with the latest scientific findings, environmental policies, and conservation initiatives to ensure that our strategies are always grounded in the best available knowledge.

We have collaborated with land trusts, private landowners, urban planning firms, landscape architecture firms, cities, towns, states, agencies, developers, and other clients to protect valuable ecological resources and help reap the benefits of ecosystem services in efficient and cost-effective ways. We have worked with land trusts and municipalities to determine conservation priorities on over 80 million acres and have conducted site assessments on over 50,000 acres of land. We have been involved in the implemented ecological plans and restoration as a part of integrated teams on over 1,0500 acres of land.

City of Austin – Office of Sustainability • City of San Antonio • Salt Lake City • The Contemporary Austin at Laguna Gloria • the Oka Institute • Greater San Marcos Partnership Cullinan Park Conservancy • Devils River Conservancy • Hill Country Land Trust • Hill Country Conservancy • Hill Country Alliance • Pease Park Conservancy • Sustainable Places Project • Texas Land Conservancy • Texas Land Trust Council • Trust for Public Land • Victor Emanuel Nature Tours • Wilbarger Creek Conservation Alliance • Wimberley Valley Watershed Association • The Meadows Center for Water & the Environment • Katy Prairie Conservancy • TenEyck Landscape Architects • The Trail Conservancy • Austin Parks Foundation • TBG Partners • Studio dwg. • Gustafson, Guthrie, & Nichol (GGN) • Design Workshop • Agency Landscape + Planning