GIS Analysis

Siglo Group supports our clients by using the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to integrate land use with natural systems. We work at multiple scales to analyze effective use of resources, planning scenarios, preserving natural resources, conserving habitat, and restoring degraded landscapes. Geographic analysis is complemented by understandable and compelling data visualization that allows our clients and collaborators to make informed decisions, tell their story, educate stakeholders, and implement their visions.

Our team of GIS specialists has over 20 years of combined experience working with GIS. Our robust geographic data collection spans the Texas region and much of the Americas. We have provided clients with regional analyses of investment opportunities, land development and other land use patterns, environmental impacts, conservation priorities, transportation, land values, municipal relations, regulatory authority, and utility and emergency services. Our final products include the compilation of geographic data for clients, delivering final datasets in a user-friendly format that can be easily updated over time.

Equally important as rigorous data analysis is effective communication. We will work to complement technical expertise and analysis with compelling storytelling. Our Decision Support Tools have allowed for data and analysis to go live on web platforms in an interactive and engaging manner, allowing users to go deep into sources, download data, and print deliverables. The above products help project stakeholders promote and utilize the tool to work towards the goals of improving natural resources.

Example Projects:
Greater San Marcos Partnership • TLTC Conserved Lands Inventory • San Antonio Aquifer Protection • STAR Sustainability Analysis, Sustainable Places Project • Hill Country Geography • Texas Landscape Project Hill Country Growth 2050 •, Guadalupe River Basin Strategic Plan • Victor Emanuel Nature Tours • Clear View Alliance • Katy Prairie Conservancy Site Assessment

Cartography services play a crucial role in our approach. Our skilled cartographers combine high-quality cartography services with modern geographic information systems. We use the latest GIS technologies and satellite imagery to produce accurate and detailed maps of ecosystems, land cover, and potential conservation areas. Our cartography mapping products serve as invaluable tools for making informed decisions, identifying priority areas for restoration, and monitoring the progress of restoration projects over time. Our maps have been used for decision-making, as exhibits at public meetings, and by private landowners to better understand and appreciate their land. Our extensive database and technical skills make it feasible for us to deliver high quality visual material to our clients with information from just about every corner of the globe.

Example Projects:
Texas Landscape Project, Academic Publications, Conservation Lands Inventory, Interpretative Signs, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, TLTC Conserved lands Inventory, Balmorhea state Park 100 Year Plan