Regional Planning

We support our clients and collaborators with regional-scale plans with a focus on natural resources, climate change, systems thinking, and human/nature interactions. With a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between humans and the environment, we aim to create sustainable and resilient communities that thrive in harmony with nature.

Our holistic approach addresses the challenges posed by rapid urbanization and the ever-increasing demand for development. We use the latest GIS technologies and data to guide planning efforts over large regions. Our team collaborates closely with clients and stakeholders to analyze and understand the unique characteristics of each region. We conduct thorough assessments of the existing natural resources, infrastructure, ecological health, and other relevant metrics associated with both the natural and built environment. These assessments form the foundation of our planning approach, enabling us to make informed decisions that maximize the potential for ecological integration and better communities.

We understand the importance of preserving and enhancing natural resources. Our services include in-depth analyses of green infrastructure, equitable access to nature, transportation networks, and vital ecosystems within the region. By identifying key ecological and cultural features, we develop strategies to protect and restore critical landscape features while providing paths for growth and change over time, ensuring quality of life for future generations.

We take a keen interest in the establishment and enhancement of trail networks for walking, cycling, and horseback riding. Trails not only serve as recreational assets for communities and infrastructure for stewardship activities but also play a critical role in promoting eco-tourism and environmental education. Our expertise in trail planning ensures that these networks are designed to minimize environmental impact while providing safe and enjoyable experiences for users.

Ecological health is a cornerstone of our approach to regional planning. Through comprehensive ecological assessments, we identify areas with compromised biodiversity and ecological functionality. We aim to rehabilitate and reconnect identified fragmented ecosystems, fostering ecological resilience and supporting diverse flora and fauna populations. We set a baseline of priorities for our clients to guide their limited resources towards sustainable master planning strategies.

Equity is another vital aspect of our services. We recognize the relationship between quality of life and access to natural resources. Our team is experienced in analyzing social indices in relation to natural resources, so that everyone has equal access to open spaces, natural lands, and other amenities. By engaging in inclusive and participatory planning processes, we strive to create equitable and sustainable communities that benefit everyone.