State of the Hill Country Report

The Texas Hill country encompasses more than 11 million acres in 18 counties in central Texas, including extensive rural areas but also the rapidly growing cities of Austin and San Antonio. It is a region of rugged natural beauty, rich biodiversity, and unique ecological systems. However, this landscape and its natural resources are at a crossroads, facing numerous threats including booming population growth, sprawling developments, groundwater overuse, changing climate patterns, and a unique set of regulatory challenges.

Siglo Group analyzed spatial data and interpreted findings that represent priorities and goals outlined by the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network (THCCN). The report set a baseline for eight key metrics to examine the current state of conservation and growth in the Hill Country: population growth, conserved lands, developed lands, pristine streams, water consumption, spring flow, night sky visibility, and conservation investment. These metrics allow the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network to track the progress of conservation initiatives and collaboratively work with partners to continue to monitor progress with the shared goal of maximizing the protection of the Texas Hill Country’s natural resources, unique landscape features, and cultural heritage.