Treviño Park Master Plan

Siglo Group worked in collaboration with GGN to complete the John Treviño Jr. Metropolitan Park Master Plan. The process was divided into four phases with Siglo contributing to Phases II and IV by conducting site analysis, data collection, and delivering preliminary master plan concepts.

Siglo worked with GGN to compile maps and baseline documentation, while subsequently performing several site assessments of the property and surrounding areas. Data collection activities included: field identification of plant communities, examining restoration potential, invasive species documentation, mapping of sensitive environmental issues, and cataloguing of erosion issues. Compiled data was then used to inform future land use and open space delineation. Additionally, suggested methods to leverage volunteer and professional services were provided to aid the client in implementing restoration activities.

Along with delineated open spaces, a table of natural areas management tasks were included for the client. Restoration activities are expected to begin in the near future. These activities included invasive species control, planting and seeding, erosion control, and prescribed burns.