TLTC Conserved Lands Inventory

Since 2009, Siglo Group has had an ongoing contract with the Texas Land Trust Council to manage, update, and produce maps from the Conserved Lands Inventory database. The inventory is the most comprehensive dataset of private conservation lands in Texas, which currently represent approximately 1% of the state’s total area and will continue to grow.  Siglo communicates with land trusts working in Texas on an annual basis to keep the inventory up to date.

As of 2023, Texas land trusts have conserved over 1.94 million acres. This shows amazing progress toward conserving Texas’ lands and waters. 2023’s biennial update reveals that land trusts have helped to conserve an additional 104,000 acres in the past two years, and that over 1.1 Million acres are conserved in partnership with private landowners using conservation easements. These acres represent the permanent conservation of working agricultural lands and wildlife habitats that support numerous economic benefits, protect our drinking water, and provide public recreation and ecosystem service benefits to all Texans.

The TLTC Conservation Lands Inventory is the most comprehensive data repository for private conserved lands in Texas. Using our GIS and spatial analysis capability to support this work furthers Siglo Group’s goal to help conserve and restore natural spaces. We are thankful for this work and the contributions of TLTC, land trusts, and the communities and individuals that make this possible.