Coleman’s Canyon Conceptual Park Plan

Coleman’s Canyon is a 168-acre property, owned by the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association. In order to secure funding to develop the site and add it to existing, connected open spaces such as Jacob’s Well Natural Area, Siglo Group was commissioned to conduct research and initial mapping related to the environmental, ecological, and cultural value of the site. Key staff for this work included Jonathan Ogen, Haley Wagoner, and Laura Brusson.

To support this work and help WVWA leverage a $13 million community jewel and protect the source of Jacob’s Well with a commitment from Hays County of just $2.6 million, initial research and mapping was conducted by Siglo Group. Key findings showed that Coleman’s Canyon: is one of Hays County’s few conservation opportunities, as identified by the 2017 “Blanco and Upper San Marcos Watershed Strategic Conservation Prioritization,” sponsored by the Meadows Center at Texas State University; protects surface and groundwater flows into Jacob’s Well; contains the Wimberley Bat Cave among its karst sites; boasts 46 acres of golden-cheeked warbler habitat; and contains 63 acres of water quality buffers.

This site is readily accessible for general public use as an add-on to the County’s adjacent Jacob’s Well Natural Area, creating an expanded upland experience supported by the County’s plan, with extensive trails and incredible canyon vistas. In late June 2020, mapping and research findings were presented to Hays County by WVWA. The results of funding have not yet been announced. If Coleman Canyon funding is approved, this development will double Jacob’s Well Natural Area in size, and has the opportunity to offer Creek access, multi-use trails suitable for a 5K trail run, and widely varying camp sites and structures to the surrounding community.