Zilker Park Natural Resource Inventory

Siglo Group was commissioned by the City of Austin to support their master planning process for Zilker Metropolitan Park by assessing existing conditions, ecological components, and future opportunities. The Zilker Park study area is over 350 acres and contains intact woodlands, open multiuse fields, a complex trail system, infrastructure, a spring complex, and two creeks. This project began in late 2019 and is still underway. The final document will be intended for use by the the architectural team, municipal staff, and stakeholders. Key Siglo Group staff for this project included Jonathan Ogren, Haley Wagoner, Clare Coakley, Dr. Jade Florence, Laura Brusson and Karina Gonzalez.

The final deliverable will describe site characteristics including geology, soils, topography, hydrology, and ecological classifications. The property contains several springs that are noteworthy value due to their perennial nature and presence of habitat for two federally-protected endangered species — the Austin blind salamander and the Barton Springs salamander.

The final report will capture the current condition of the property and serve as a guiding tool for the master planning process, which has an anticipated start date of 2021.