Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve Ecological Master Plan

Siglo Group worked in collaboration with Studio Outside and City of Plano staff members to complete the Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve Ecological Master Plan. The process was divided into four phases with Siglo leading the bulk of the work in Phase I, II, and III, and Studio Outside leading the work in Phase IV. The Phases are grouped as follows: Phase I: Discovery and Assessment; Phase II: Natural Systems Master Plan; Phase III: Management Strategy and Standards; and Phase IV: Implementation and Master Plan Report.

Siglo worked with Studio Outside and city staff to compile maps and baseline documentation, while performing several site assessments of the property. Data collection activities included: obtaining proposed master plans, collecting ecological data, hosting client site tours, and mapping ecological features. Compiled data was then used to inform restoration recommendations, which included invasive species management, erosion control, restoring plant communities, and enhancing habitat for wildlife. Additionally, suggested methods to leverage volunteer and professional services were provided to aid the client in implementing restoration activities.

A five-year work schedule and documentation protocol was included for the client. Restoration activities officially began as of Fall 2019. These activities included woodland expansion, wildflower seeding, and partnering with Master Naturalists to remove invasive species.