Southeast Mueller Greenway Ecological Management Guidelines

Siglo Group was commissioned by RVI Planning & Landscape Architecture to help integrate human-nature interaction and ecological function into the overall park in order to create a green space that aligns with Imagine Austin, and the long-range park plan for Austin. The evaluation included a plant survey, review of wildlife sightings, an invasive plant species inventory, and assessment of erosion issues. This process highlighted the 7-acre detention pond that lies in the center of the greenway as a source of valuable habitat for birds, while promoting distinct surrounding plant community including a post oak grove and a butterfly meadow.

Siglo Group supported the design, construction, installation, and long-term management of the Southeast Mueller Greenway through: assessment of ecological components of the site, integration of ecological components with the site design, recommendations for increasing the ecological function of the site, construction oversight of ecological components, as well as the creation of a long-term sustainable landscape management plan.

Immediate next steps recommended in this assessment included the invasive species management, planting woodland and grassy mottes, overseeding for diversity in the butterfly meadow, and erosion mitigation. RVi Planning & Landscape Architecture began the process of integrating these recommendations into their management plan as of the summer of 2020.