Butler Trail Natural Areas

Siglo Group created the Butler Trail and Lady Bird Lake Urban Forestry and Natural Areas Management Guidelines to support The Trail Foundation in caring for and enhancing the natural areas surrounding the most used trail in Central Texas, with over 1.5 million visitors per year.  An in-depth site assessment consisted of field evaluation, geographic analysis, and background research.  Information gathered about the site, its condition, and its potential was synthesized into a 160-plus page report that documents site characteristics, recommends natural area management best practices, prescribes restoration practices, defines metrics of successful natural area management for the site, and suggests means for successful implementation.  In, addition, the report breaks down the site into management units with defined tasks, priorities, and schedules for each area to facilitate implementation.  The end result of implementing the guidelines will be: restored plant communities, improved ecological function, enhanced resiliency, enhanced user experience, and additional opportunities for stewardship.